Know The Best Things To Do in Uruguay

Uruguay is a country that has been often overlooked by tourists because of the Brazil. People who have visited this country have certified it as a great substitute of Brazil with a lesser crowd. The country has a lot to offer and here we will try to find out the best things to do in Uruguay-

Visit The Mercado Del Pureto

This is the old market in the port area of Montevideo. This is a very vibrant place where you can find musicians, artists showing off their skills and also offering a bit of Uruguay for you. Stylishly decorated restaurants will give you some great steaks to pleasure your tongue. Overall, it is a place that will introduce you to the culture of Uruguay.

Visit Beaches At Punta Del Este

This place is like the Miami of Uruguay. The difference is it doesn’t possess those skyscrapers indulging into the beauty of nature. Many tourists love this place because of its cozy atmosphere and for the pocket-friendly bars offering quality drinks and foods to make your evening. This is the perfect place to get your quite sun tan.

Mercado Del Puerto

The waterfront in Ciudad Vieja is a great market place and this port area is very colorful. The best time to visit is the weekdays when you will be able to feel the actual Uruguay and its people. You can find some good places to eat and drink that will let you gaze at the whole atmosphere idly.


Consuming foods is a one of the instinctive best things to do in Uruguay. This is a country known for its beef consumption and you can find some great places to feed your meat tooth. Restaurants also have great dishes that make the best use of the meat. Every city has its best restaurant that offers something special on their menu. You can also have some great cafés here and most of them have a great South American feel that is very different from a café of the US or Europe. On the other hand, the place will not disappoint you if you are considering visiting a bar. The bars here are very vibrant and you can find some great music to compliment your drink.

Casino Resorts

Uruguay has a great love for casino and it has almost 20 casino resorts to express that love. Though the online casinos are now becoming quite popular among the people of Uruguay, still the land based casinos are doing quite well in terms of business. Most of these casinos are very well decorated and offer a ton of games to the visitors. Prices being much cheaper than the US and Europe, it gives the tourists a great option to play long and hard. You can find all kinds of games at a very comfortable rate and as these casinos are very much under the government surveillance, you will never get into any kind of unwanted issues. These Casino resorts also offer some great dining and lodging, thus you can easily decide to stay in one of those.

Now, you are having the list of the best things to do in Uruguay and it is your turn to make choices based on your preference.