5 Best Cities in Uruguay, A List For Tourists

Uruguay is a country that has been often overlooked by tourists because of the Brazil. People who have visited this country have certified it as a great substitute of Brazil with a lesser crowd. The country has a lot to offer and here we will try to find out the best things to do in Uruguay-

Colonia Del Sacramento

This city is now a part of Greater Montevideo but still, holds its uniqueness. As a city, it has a lot to show off and if you are ready to experience the soul of a place, then, Colonia is the right place for you. The historical buildings and aged roads will give you the feel of old Uruguay and its culture. It is a city near the rivers and the riverside is a great place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. One can also climb onto the lighthouses to have a better view of the city. Many tourists take a ferry from Buenos Aires to reach this place as it is just in the opposite of the Argentine capital.

Punta Del Este, The Beach City’

Punta Del Este is exactly your place if you want a relaxing time at the beach. This is a perfect place for couples to enjoy some “sun” time of peace. This place is also known for its quality nightlife, exotic casinos, and quality foods.

Punta Del Diablo, Fresh, and New

This city is like a modern and planned version of Punta Del Este. It has a very low population and this makes it a cool place to hang out. It is very much away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The place is at its best in the summer and you can really enjoy a quiet relaxing time here. Villages in the back provide a great place to stay peacefully, much away from the modern "loud" life.

Salto, The Beauty

This beautiful city is known for its great sites that can be a treat for your photographic skills. There are some wonderful cafes in the city to enjoy the relaxing evenings. The Salto also has a well-maintained spring. People who have been to this place called- Temas Del Arapey, termed the spring as a wonderful experience and considered it energizing for health. The city has some great natural beauties with a very popular zoo. This well-maintained zoo has almost 150 species to showcase.


It would be a crime if we don’t include the capital of the Uruguay in the list of 5 cities to visit when at Uruguay. The architecture in this city is a treat to watch as it ranges from neoclassical to post modern style. Thanks to the sea, it is also considered as one of the best natural port areas. The beach offers a lot in terms of sea sports and leisure experience. You can also find some great casinos to hop in and try your luck. It is one of those rare cities that holds its tradition even after modernization.