Traditional Foods of Uruguay, A List For "Foodie" Travelers

Uruguay is a country dependent on animal meat. Beef is the base of most of the Uruguay traditional foods and other animals like chicken, lamb also serves the demand. This makes it quite clear that this place is like a heaven for the meat lovers. Here we will guide you to the traditional dishes of Uruguay which commonly found in most of the restaurants and households-

ASADO, The Uruguay Barbecue

It is the most traditional way of having beef and barbecue lovers would love it. It is done in a regular way by putting the beef to grill over the flaming coals. Different restaurants have their different mixtures to compliment the beef and most of the time you will find it delicious.

CHIVITO, The Sandwich

If you like sandwiches, then this is a must-have for you. This filled sandwich will make all other sandwiches dull and we can bet that you have never tasted anything like this. High in calorie and great in taste, Chivito is filled with cheese, tomato, steak, lettuce, mayonnaise, and ham. Yes, you have read it right, all those things make a perfect Chivito.

Empanada, The Pie

It is again of those foods that can be enough for a meal. It is filled with meat and cheese and tastes much better than those regular pies. It is mostly combined with the traditional chimichurri sauce that makes the dish better.

Pancho, The Hot Dog

Yes, you name it and they have it all and now, it is the time for Uruguayan “hot dog”. It is made exactly like a hot dog, but the inside tells us a much better story. Great tasty meat is here combined with ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. It tastes great with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Pascualina. The Desert Item

If you are bored with meat, then try this Uruguayan desert that is taken from the Swiss people. It is made with pastry crusts that cover upper and lower layer. Eggs and Swiss Chard makes up for the filling and produces a deadly combo. It is a great thing to have in your hand while trying your luck on those lavish casinos.

Milanesa, A Meat Cutlet

There is no shortage of options for meat lovers. Milanesa is a great meat snack to have with your beer, this cutlet steak is very tasty and crunchy, naturally a great choice with alcohol.

Gnocchi, The Monthly Food

This food is a part of Uruguayan custom and holds cultural value among all Uruguay traditional foods in the list. It is being eaten on the 29th of every month. This celebrated as the day before the pay. It is a cheap meal with meat and while serving people put a coin under the plate with the believe that it would bring prosperity to their life.

Apart from all these Uruguay traditional foods, you can also try the coffee and alcohol in Uruguay. Both of these items cost much lesser than the UK, US and even from Brazil. Those are the perfect drinks to have in your hand while trying your luck at those great casinos of Uruguay.